Top Benefits of Landscaping

Most people spend a lot of time indoors while others are undeniably drawn outside by the sounds and sights of nature. The beauty of sunshine, animals, flowers and sweet fragrances makes the outdoors rejuvenating and relaxing. If you don’t have an outdoor space to retreat to, then you should consider acquiring one.

A lawn that is beautifully landscaped will generate positive feelings, boost curb appeal and help in improving first impressions. While looking to start or enhance your yard here are some of the benefits you should expect from adding landscape on your property.

Increase Vitamin D Levels

landscape gardeningVery few foods contain vitamin D but according to studies vitamin D is primarily acquired by direct exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D is essential in preventing chronic diseases such as hyperparathyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, and rickets in children. Working outdoor on your landscape will enable you to acquire this important vitamin.

Adequate Food Supply

Gardening provides pretty of vegetables and fruits such as cranberries, pumpkins, squash, and apples. Some vegetables can survive on winter maintaining a steady food supply which is harvested in the summer and spring such as cabbage, collard greens, and kale. These are the culinary gardening benefits found in pastries, kitchens and grocery stores.

Prevent Soil Erosion

For the properties located on a hilly place landscaping retaining wall prevents soil erosion on a rainy season. Although the barrier is a practical one, it also adds to the landscape appearance.

Provide a Low Level of Exercise

Landscaping and gardening provide moderate exercises. Racking, digging, lifting the equipment’s and kneeling repetitively for hours increases heart rate and blood flow while also increasing the motion rage and working the muscles. These are perfect workouts for the people undergoing physical rehabilitation and those with moving difficulty.

Builds Dexterity and Hand Strength

People tend to lose their hand strength and dexterity as they age. This happens mostly on hands narrowing the ability to perform most activities that are pleasurable or possible to enjoy. Gardening conditions the muscles strengthening them and keeping then agile. Alternating between left and right hand when landscaping or gardening will ensure maintenance of dexterity on both hands.

Decreases Stress Levels

A study conducted in the Netherlands on 2011 shows that gardening decreases cortisol levels and improves mood. Cortisol is the primary level of stress. Decreasing stress levels boosts the immune system, promotes relaxation and allows productivity.

Fosters Satisfaction and Confidence

Once the fruits are harvested and flowers have bloomed, knowing the work that was involved in landscaping and gardening provides confidence, satisfaction, and a sense of pride, the success at creating a garden and a landscape will give you a euphoric feeling.

Provides Cleaner Air

garden landscapeShrubs and trees are amazing they help improve the quality of air that we breathe. According to studies, a single tree can remove 26 pounds or more of carbon dioxide cleaning the air and making it healthier. Another study states that an acre of trees is able to remove 26,000 tons of particles and gases which are unwanted from the air.

Shrubs and trees can also remove smoke and dust and other pollutants inside our home and from the air. As many indoor houseplants are acting as a natural filtration system, there is no need to invest in a machine. Instead just put a few indoor houseplants for healthier and cleaner air.

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